Get Ready to Add Some Variety to Your Workouts

Are you tired of doing the same exercises for every workout? Have you spent hours looking online or in fitness magazines for new ideas, only to find that those ideas were difficult to incorporate into your new fitness routine?

Look no further! Let the OutWorkIt Random Workout Generator create new workout plans for you.

OutWorkIt selects random exercises based on your goals and preferences, allowing you to focus on the good stuff: losing weight (cutting fat) and gaining muscle!


  • A list of exercises targeting all of the muscle groups that you specify. These exercises are based on strength training, cardio, or both! (Also, this list is pre-selected with some sensible defaults if you are new to workout planning).
  • Each exercise and associated muscle group is split into a customizable daily schedule.
  • You can create and save multiple schedules and reuse them later in your fitness journey.
  • Works for either home gym or a commercial gym --just tailor your preferences based on the equipment you have available.
  • New features every month. We are always adding new stuff to make your workouts better. New features will include the ability to edit individual workouts, pin exercises, and log workout progress!

Example Workout:

example of workout